Televised comfort food

I got a big kick out of Brian Williams, the tv anchorman, when he delivered a story last night about the "fake news" being broadcast on Facebook and other social media, but apparently no one else caught the irony.

On another channel the Lakers were playing the Celtics in the 1984 NBA World Championship. Kareem and Magic, Larry Bird and Kevin McHale. It was the best game I've seen in a long time.

The movie "Blue Velvet" isn't a very good movie, though I thought it was at the time it first came out.  It's a pastiche of gangster/ porn/French New Wave/American tv drama of the late 1950's, which makes me suspicious of the claims that it's art. The images are strong, and the pacing of the music with the images is compelling, slightly ahead of its time. I liked the end as much as I liked it the first time.

Lastly, "The Best Man" a movie released in 1964 with a screenplay by Gore Vidal and starring Cliff Robertson and Henry Fonda, was airing on Turner Mocie Classics. The subject was politics.