Notes on a political season

That we think so little of our government, and our way of political life, that we would even entertain the possibility of electing this man or that woman, is sobering.

And yet I can already hear the press, 10 years or so from now, saying nice things about him and her, that they both only wanted to do good things for us, had meant well, hoping to make a positive impact.

I remember when CNN was radical–24 hour news had never been done before, and even my hero Paul Virilio, the Noam Chomsky of France, declared it avant-garde, a serious work of performance art. Now CNN is only in the middle ring of the circus, somewhere between Fox News and MSNBC. 

The problem? We think technology is the answer, knowing we can never get to the end of it, that it will always push back the more fervently we engage it. Technology is that which makes itself new just as we are getting older and older.