Announcing the world’s first ‘Driverless’ RV

Somewhere between Norman, Oklahoma and Port Arthur, Texas I was gifted with the idea of a ‘driverless RV’, at least I’m taking credit for the idea: I actually worked with a team. 

We’d meet at a German restaurant not far off the interstate and sit in the beer garden there and drink beer brewed from kernza, the ‘new’ wheat I engineered several years ago that’s a perennial, not an annual, and for which I won both the Nobel Prize and the Congressional Medal of Honor, accepting that award, by the way with no other than Tiger Woods and from no other than President Donald J. Trump in a ceremony at the Rose Garden at The White House.

The testing of the vehicle is nearly complete. I’m pleased to report, no I’m excited to report, as they say in the language of corporate literature, that I was a passenger yesterday in the prototype model of ‘driverless RV’ for 1.2 miles along an empty  stretch of road on Pleasure Island near Port Arthur, while reclining on one of the two beds in the rear of the vehicle and drinking a 16 oz. Lone Star beer.

I’ve entered into negotiations with Google and Elon Musk to partner on the project. The rollout is expected this fall. Patents are pending also for a ‘makerless frozen yoghurt machine’, a ‘one person roll-up potable toilet’ that can be conveniently carried in a small backpack or purse, and a bug repellent made of peanut butter.


Prototype of the world’s first ‘driverless RV’, parked amongst eighteen wheelers in a rest stop alongside Interstate 10 east of Houston, Texas.