Statue of Unliberty

Writing this on Sunday morning from mother ship Starbucks, international beacon of morning light and coffee... 

...a headline in The New York Times reads, “Border Policy Had Been Seen As Inhumane”.

Scroll through old notes on iPhone: from the August 22 edition of The NYT about a July 24th meeting Attorney General Jeff Sessions had with his boss Donald Trump about ‘criminals’ coming into the USA from El Salvador: “we have a harmony of values and beliefs” said Sessions after the meeting.

At Starbucks, people drink their coffee, their fingers purring into their laptops and iPhones, reading the news that way, or writing greetings to loved ones on this Sunday morning in June, Fathers Day.

Elsewhere, in the wealthiest nation in the history of the world, immigrants are being demonized and children taken from their mothers.

Starbucks, Lake Oswego, OR, 7 a.m., June 17, 2018. 

Starbucks, Lake Oswego, OR, 7 a.m., June 17, 2018.