Mississippi Delta

There are some things that never happened, even though many people say they happened and built tremendous stories around them happening whether they really happened or not. 

Did Robert Johnson really sell his soul to the devil at the crossroads of Hwy. 61 and Hwy. 49?  

Most probably not. 

Probably the story that Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil was made up by people who thought the blues was devil music and that Robert should have been singing spirituals in church instead of singing the blues.

And if Bessie Smith had been a white woman rather than a black woman would she have survived that terrible car crash on Hwy. 61-very near the place where Robert Johnson had, a few years earlier, sold his soul to the devil-that took her life?


An eyewitness, one of two white men who who were at the scene (the one who bandaged Bessie Smith as best he could, the other one walking to a nearby house to call for an ambulance) said, "there's no way a ambulance would take a colored person to a white hospital." Bessie Smith died the next morning in the colored hospital in Clarksdale, Mississippi. 

Then again, some things really did happen as some people say they happened, and there's proof they happened, there's 'evidence' in the form of written records and other public testimony.

Concert Poster, Delta Blues Museum, Clarksdale, Mississippi, June 9, 2017. 

Concert Poster, Delta Blues Museum, Clarksdale, Mississippi, June 9, 2017.