Flood tides of bad news

We should've seen all this coming. It's been right in front of us for quite some time, at least from the end of World War II.

Fast forward to 2011. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is coverboy for Fortune magazine. If and when we saw that we should've known.

The San Francisco Chronicle this morning with the p.1  headline, "GOP acts to quash federal rules."

Some of us may like what's happening;  and some of us may be willing to suspend judgment until what's happening manifests itself in social policy; and some of us will just have to adjust to the trickle, stream, and flood of bad news that seems to have no end. On the front pages of our newspapers and magazines we'll be seeing the rich lady from Michigan, an educational activist who deplores "public education"; the oil company executive who denied climate change; and The Senator from Alabama, a small white racist, a questioner of the legality of abortion, who's quoted as saying, "good people don't smoke marijuana," an individual whose social and political  beliefs would be much more at home in the 1940's.

San Francisco Chronicle,  p. A10, January 10, 2017.

San Francisco Chronicle, p. A10, January 10, 2017.