View from Mt.Hazy

Now that Obama's on his way out and we all say we'll miss him, let's remember how disappointing his regime has been and how little it's moved anything forward. Other then the symbolic gift of his name and race, Obama's not given us much to cheer about. 

OK, we're disappointed. But given the dysfunctional prospect of one or the other current candidates for his job actually getting elected, most of us will in fact miss Obama and would vote for him again were that possible.

Perhaps recent Supreme Court decisions regarding the political power of corporations and the deterioration of voting rights are the culprit, as we've come to see that the Supreme Court is comprised of eight people from The US Chamber of Commerce, wearing robes and selling their decisions to the highest bidder's.

Regarding the disruption in Europe: remember The Battle of Hastings, 1066, and all the handwringing then? The French Normans beat down the British, a new king was crowned and a more or less orderly transition ensued, marked by small incidents of resistance by conquered Brits from time to time.