A white house in morning light, NE Portland

One could imagine war criminals inside, both elected officials and those appointed by elected officials to commit the crime's, as well as those who funded the election of the elected officials and approved their appointments.

They are standing around in an upper room, a room designated for social entertainment, in three concentric circles, reminiscent of a wolf kill one of them had seen in the wilderness of northern Wyoming, making small talk.

"It was most amazing," one of them says, "not so much to see the kill but to see the Darwinian process that occured after the kill, the circles that appeared once the wolves had had their fill, made up of smaller animals, until the last circle was made up of small birds."

Another one of them says, "and what was killed?"

"A baby elk," the first one says, the one who saw the kill or came close to seeing it, having seen other cars stopped by the side of the road and stopping too, not in time to actually see the kill happen, but to see what happened afterwards.