Notes from the Gifford Pinchot task force

There are real heavens in Portland since Portland is north and that's where heaven is. 

Walking around Portland brings that kind of joy that comes from thinking and doing things that are good for you. While walking, make a list of the things you're supposed to believe in, then cross them off one by one until coming down to the core issue you're meant to spend the rest of your life solving.

Here, it's actually not that bad a feeling to be misunderstood. For instance, when asking the 90 year old Bill, a man you're playing golf with at Rose City, the secret to his longevity, he may turn toward you, smile, and say, "you're the last person I'd tell." It's not that he's mean, it's that he hopes to give you something to think about.

It's ok to take unconsciousably long showers in Portland–showers you'd never take in San Francisco-both indoors and outdoors, and to become cleaner than you've ever been. Clean, you may look in the mirror and see how old you've become in the time you've been in Portland and the heaven you're making of it.

10:18 a.m. 58 degrees, rainwater in little puddles on the sidewalk. Sky bright with sun and dark clouds. Etta James's "All Right" on Pandora.