At the Congress of people with low self esteem

Take something bad and make it worse; or take something bad and laugh at it, making it better. By not taking something seriously, taking something seriously and laughing at it. At worst, taking something seriously and acting seriously on it. 

What's going to change just by asking someone else to look at it? Not technology, technology won't really help us with ourselves. Technology is static because it's man-made. Only nature changes. Only by looking at nature will we change.

All of literature comes down to such small things.  Getting down into the crawdad hole with Doc Watson at the knee of listening, for instance. And the first rule of fiction is to give your characters good names, then to send them off to a nice brunch in the Alberta arts district. Only at brunch can they live like they're taking the letter out of the envelope, unfolding it on the restaurant table and taking their time to read every word; that is to say they can live in leisure, free to see things they haven't seen before, like they're on vacation from their own lives.

Who cares that these people aren't real, these characters you've created out of real people you see on the street, walking as a family, looking for a place to eat? In the next chapter they'll become lost anyway, tourists in Portland, Oregon, and you'll forget about them tomorrow. Only Siri can help then.

You need to know, however, that before Siri became Siri she was a crossing guard for a small private girls school outside Stockholm. Siri always wore a highly reflective yellow jacket and wanted you to ask her lots of questions.