Gawk gawk

The last thing in the world I want to do is to Follow someone on Twitter. 

The second to last thing I want to do is to Like something on Facebook. 

It's become entirely possible that Consciousness is that which is being stolen from us moment by moment by the demands of the new technological consumer economy. And that we'd be better off by being only mildly interested in it, and better off yet by not hearing the news that's not really news at all but a substitute for news, while yearning for the days when news was defined as something that really needed to be known.

The pundits appear. They're paid a great deal of money to sit on a stage set that's a synthetic replica of the free speech movement. We watch their mouths move while they're telling us what to think, having thought things over carefully for us. The pundits understand that nothing original is ever to be said.

The friend who threw his cell phone away the other day only missed it for twenty-four hours. It's true that he turned into a frog, but he's happy and the world really needs more frogs.