Downtown, Stayton, Oregon

The Oddfellows Hall is right around the corner from the Loyal Order of the Moose. Edward Hopper sets his easel opposite the old café and has made the first brushstrokes of the window glass; he'll have to sketch in the people sitting at the counter later,  and rely completely on his imagination. A sign painter slaps red paint on the neon sign of the Star Theatre. He's a young man with two small children, and has come from Salem to do the job. He wishes the theater owner would ask him to repaint the white as well– if the white was repainted, the red would be even more brilliant – but the theater owner doesn't have the money. The sign painter stands on a hydraulic lift, dipping his brush into a small can, brushing the red paint carefully around the white star. When the tourist from San Francisco stops to watch, the sign painter turns off the compressor that operates the lift so the two men can chat. "I've lived around here all my life" the young man says. "I don't really like cities, but I want to take my kids to LegoLand. Is LegoLand near San Francisco?" The tourist, being kind, tells him LegoLand is further south, and that while he's down visiting LegoLand he might as well take the kids to Disneyland. They chat for a few more minutes, and then the tourist walks across the street to look in the window of the second-hand store, remembering the vow he made last year to buy all his clothes from Goodwill or Salvation Army from this point onwards.